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THE FILM COMPANY operates out of a 1200 square foot studio with a clear overhead of 16 feet. This space allows for versatility being able to light and photograph a wide variety of subjects

The lead photographer, Charlie Mackey has experience shooting both still and motion picture photography starting in the U.S. Navy in 1956. Donna Barger shoots the second camera and is the art director for the company.

Portrait photography, wedding photography, motion picture photography, commercial photography, and motor sports photography including full size race cars and show cars can be done in the studio or on location.

We want to handle your photographic needs. Our specialty is places, things, events, and people. With an emphasis on providing photographic services for business and industry at an affordable cost, we believe we can produce the very best end-result.

Charges for our services can range from a one time hourly rate to a long term negotiated agreement which for extended assignments can be more equitable for the client.

We have a 30 ft. X 40 ft. studio with a 12 ft. X 16 ft. outside overhead door which gives us the ability to photograph large items such as cars,

personal water craft, motor cycles, and race boats in controlled conditions under the studio lights. Close-up work is also available. We shoot in 35MM format and use the latest Eastman Professional film which gives excellent color and high resolution for maximum detail.

We can also work on-location, away from the studio, using existing or natural light, strobe or studio lights.

Adding the impact of photography when designing advertising, promotional materials, annual reports, technical manuals or other types of visual material for business or industry is a big plus.

Motor Sports Photography

Photography for the racer and the street rod enthusiast

In the studio - On the track

Give as a try, call today and let us show you what we can do for you, at a price that's right for you.

Specializing in:

Complete Sponsor Proposal Presentations - Show Cards
Large Display Prints - Promotional Photographs
Affordable Prices


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12007 E. Portland
Spokane, Wa 99206
(509) 892-6624
Toll Free: (888) 661-6624



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